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Lucire - The global fashion magazine, with features on international style, beauty, lifestyle and travel.

Apparel News - A comprehensive online source for fashion and apparel information.

Fashion-Era - 100+ content rich, illustrated pages of Fashion History, Costume, Clothing, Textiles and Social History.

Fashion Worlds: All about fashion designers and influences past, present, famous and up-coming, with original articles and regular news updates.

Daily Fashion - An online fashion resource for girls with lots of tips, ideas and stories about fashion.

Beautylink - Gateway to the world of beauty on the web, with news and expert advice.

Fashion Network - Body, style and fashion news (in German).

Barrlu's Arts and Artists Resource Centre - A comprehensive list of artists' resources and arts relevant links.

Hint Fashion Magazine - Online magazine covering many aspects of fashion and style. - For information about diamonds including articles, tutorials and forums about shape, carat weight, clarity grades and more.

Jolique - A website that explores dress and culture across space and time.

Disability and Sexuality - An informative website covering issues of disability and body image.

Isabel Gallery - Fine art reproduction oil paintings of Masterpieces: Van Gogh, Cezanne, Degas, Manet, Botticelli, Gauguin, & more.

The Costumer's Manifesto - One of the World Wide Web's largest, and most eclectic, costume sites.

FashionSenseClub - dedicated to the promotion, support and training of Beauty Consultants throughout the US and Canada.

Cultural Studies Central - An informative website for all aspects of contemporary culture.

Virtual Hair - Let us give you a virtual hairstyle makeover! Get results, without going to a salon.

Hair Boutique - Banishing bad hair days with news and information about hair care and products.

Fashion UK - Features the best of UK fashion from the street to the catwalk - Advice and Education

Beauty on the Web - Links to the best beauty sites.

Fashion Glamour Model No.1 - Clothing advice, visual modelling and personal fashion advice as a means to beauty control.

Focus on Style - Reality based fashion, beauty and style tips.

Fashion - Fashion and Beauty - Galleries, Magazines, Ezines

Beauty - Modern fashion news, a wide selection of hairstyles and hair care tips.

Alumbo - A self-help website that includes a page of aesthetics resources for the study of beauty and the arts.

School Matters

The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) - Leads developments in curriculum, assessments, examinations and qualifications. Website includes news and resources.

The TES - The world’s leading education newspaper.

Global Express - Aims to enable young people to gain a greater understanding of the context in which news stories from the developing world happen, and to build links between their experience of life and their understanding of development issues. Editions provide materials that help answer young people's questions and increase their critical awareness of how the media can influence their images of the developing world.

Bruce Janz - Academic resources pages include supporting material for courses in aesthetics, visual culture, philosophy, contemporary culture and more. - Resources and links for Philosophy, including information about aesthetics.

A Sociological Tour Through Cyberspace - This site features commentary, data analyses, essays and links to stimulate the sociological imagination.

Sociology Central - One of the best sites for A level sociologists, this offers downloadable resources, specifically designed for post-16 sociology students.

The Association for the Teaching of the Social Sciences (ATSS) - Information relating to the teaching of Social Sciences, including resources, links and conference news.

Sociology Online - An extensive, interactive web site, with reference resources, quizzes and games.

Esociology - A site for AS and A Level Sociology students, with PowerPoint presentations and links to online tests and study skills advice.

PhilosophyOnline - Online support materials for AS and A2 level Philosophy students. Includes an active discussion forum.

Interdisciplines - A website for interdisciplinary research in the humanities, including the organization of conferences and discussions.

My Study Guide - A resources site for UK-wide qualifications.

Voice of the Shuttle - Information and links for humanities research.

@School - Information and resources for teachers and parents.

TeacherNet - Information and news for teachers with links to lesson plans and assemblies.

Girl Power! - Website of the national public education campaign sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to help encourage and motivate 9- to 13- year-old girls to make the most of their lives by targeting health messages to their unique needs, interests, and challenges.

Kevin's Playroom - A unique multi Award Winning web site produced by children for children, listing all school subjects with hundreds of approved links to curriculum based information.

Access Art - Provides easy access to contemporary issues in visual-arts education and facilitates the exchange of information and ideas.

Cultural Arts Resources for Teachers and Students - CARTS explores the role that community life, cultural heritage, and artistic traditions can play in teaching and learning. Information available at this site includes teaching resources, a list of upcoming events, and links to other relevant sites.

Cultural Studies Central - An informative website for all aspects of contemporary culture.

ESL-Lounge - ESL lesson materials and ESL lesson plans. Printable worksheets for ESL classroom teaching. English grammar, pronunciation, board games, esl books, flashcards, board games, song lyrics and more

Gigglepotz - A wide range of advice, news and resources for educators, students and parents. Services include the design of school and class websites.

Teach-nology - A web-portal for educators.

Homeschool Portal - This directory is a comprehensive listing of educational resources, websites, and businesses that provide support to the homeschooling community, parents, teachers, educators, and students.

HSAdvisor - Home school advice, curriculum and resources.

Sites For Teachers - Links to websites and resources for teachers.

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