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On the Origins of Beauty: Art in the Caves: The enigma of Upper Palaeolithic art raises many baffling questions for our understanding of the development of aesthetic sensibility.

Beauty in the Ear of the Beholder: What makes a piece of music beautiful, and can there be objective standards of criticism?

Female Beauty in Twentieth Century Poetry: A critical analysis of selected works reveals different underlying themes and portrayals.

The Body as an Object of Beauty: The body is at the core of human creativity and desire for its modification into an object of beauty is an essentially human creative practice. Representations of the body in painting and sculpture show changing attitudes to the concept of beauty as an aesthetic ideal.

The Rejection of Beauty in 20th-Century Art: The apparent destruction of beauty and the rejection of the female body as an aesthetic symbol in twentieth-century art is located in the philosophies of Kant and Burke, arguments of the avant-garde and the movement to banish the beautiful in striving to attain the sublime.

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