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Introduction and Reviews

Beauty is a distinctly human phenomenon, and the need to create objects of beauty has been a driving force throughout our cultural history. Since the earliest cave art and carvings of ancient man, beauty has been expressed by humans in poetry, music, paintings, sculpture and other creative forms. Through trends in fashion, cosmetics, body modification, alteration and beauty culture, the human body itself can also be expressed as an object of beauty.

This site is a personal exploration of these matters of beauty in an attempt to further our understanding of the cultural heritages of societies in different times and places. Written by a qualified teacher with degrees in Music and Psychology, Beauty Matters contains many original articles that yield insights into the nature of beauty.


"An intelligently written, blog-driven site examining the nature of beauty."

"Beauty Matters offers a range of articles and resources (including detailed lesson plans) about aspects of "beauty"- including material on body image, fashion and attraction. The text is short, concise and clearly-written and the site's subject matter fits quite neatly into different parts of the OCR (Individual and Society) and AQA (Health, Medicine and the Body) specifications. Content is largely aimed at a GCSE audience, but the teaching resources contain ideas that can be easily adapted for A-level students."
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Home>>Introduction and Reviews