Beauty Matters



A collection of reprinted articles about different aspects of the nature and culture of beauty.

The Question of Beauty by Dr. Judith H. Langlois: Does children's facial attractiveness influence their peer relationships and popularity?

Physical beauty involves more than good looks by Emily Carlson: Research findings from studies of physical attractiveness suggest that there is more to beauty than meets the stranger's eye.

Great Hair Days in Ancient Egypt by Ilene Springer: The ancient Egyptians considered hair to be an important means of self-expression, and used wigs, braids, extensions and other adornments to create elaborate hairstyles.

In Praise of Intellectual Beauty by John Haber: Beauty and the intellect are inseparable and words can bring beauty alive for us. However, can scholarship also spoil our sense of beauty in the deattribution of a work of art?

The Psychoanalytic Construction of Beauty by Donald Kuspit: A detailed examination of the relationship between beauty and sexual desire from the perspective of a psychoanalytic conception of aesthetics.

Unhealthy U.S. body images affect world beauty standards by Andrea Falkenhagen: The globalisation of Western standards of beauty from the fashion and pageant industries has negative consequences for those who do not fit this beauty ideal.

Articles in this collection are all reprinted with permission. See individual articles for authorship and copyright information.