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Presentation of Content

This website is designed to be read by people seeking original, quality information about the nature and culture of beauty, and by teachers looking for ways to incorporate these ideas in their classroom teaching.

It does not:
  • include many graphics: "since most users have access speeds on the order of 28.8 kbps, Web pages can be no more than 3 KB if they are to download in one second which is the required response time for hypertext navigation. Users do not keep their attention on the page if downloading exceeds 10 seconds, corresponding to 30 KB at modem speed. Keeping below these size limits rules out most graphics." (Jacob Nielsen, expert on web design and usability).

  • It does:
  • employ scannable text

  • use highlighted keywords

  • include meaningful sub-headings

  • use outbound hypertext links to refer readers to additional information, images, interactive and multi-media presentations of the main content.

    Further details about the presentation and design of this website can be found in Designing Web Usability: The Practice of Simplicity by Jacob Nielsen.

    Home>>Presentation of content