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Welcome to Beauty Matters, an exploration into the human creation of objects of beauty and the nature of beauty itself with original articles and teaching resources on aesthetics, visual arts, fashion, the culture of beauty and more.

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Fashion Statements: Beauty and the Clothing Code: Clothes speak symbolically to wearers and their viewers, but what is the nature of the meanings they communicate?

Make-up in the Pursuit of Beauty: The technicolour world of cosmetics offers endless possibilities of enhancing (or disguising?) the canvas given by nature.

Beauty in the Ear of the Beholder: What makes a piece of music beautiful, and can there be objective standards of criticism?

Featured Teaching Resources

The Significance of the Media in Issues of Beauty Culture: What makes a news story in beauty culture? How does the media promote beauty standards? How does the media contribute to the creation of celebrities? Should celebrities in beauty culture have a right to privacy?

The Body as Image: What is image? How has the body been used as an image in different times and cultures? How is the body used as an image in contemporary art and photography?